Posted by: michelenel | 3 July, 2015

Sunny days and swimwear….

Having a drawer full of beautiful lycra and stretch knits definitely has its advantages…

1) They look pretty

2) The give inspiration when you open the drawer

3) When the weather turns unexpectedly warm, you have a stash to make something from

4) You don’t have to go find a shop when 3 happens

5) They make me happy – very happy

6) They remind me of my dancing days when I sewed lots, and lots, and LOTS of dance wear

Today, was the sunny day + Baby Boudica was visiting + she needs a new costume or cozzie as South Africans call them (swim suit).  Baby Boudica’s mommy had suggested that a certain fabric would be perfect.  Rather than draft a pattern I hopped onto the internet and 10 minutes later had downloaded printed and cut out a lovely, and free, pattern from Smalldreamfactory.

This was super quick and easy to sew – I took a little longer because I needed to add lovely lace ruffles – but despite this, we were outside in the sunshine and splashing away by 10am.

Being 2 years old does not an ideal model make – we therefore have rather impromptu photos while she was happily playing in the garden….in her compulsory Wellington boots!

DSCN6001  DSCN6003  DSCN6002

DSCN5950 DSCN5960 DSCN5973 DSCN5992 DSCN5995 DSCN5996

and my favourite picture of all…weeing into my wellies! 🙂


It turned out very nicely and has been a real hit with her.  I think another one will definitely go on the project list.


Made in a soft lycra with FOE (fold over elastic edges) rather than swimsuit elastic,

Being a bit on the cubby side, I will make this a bit wider and shorter and also make the legs a little wider next time – to accommodate those cute chubby thighs,

Added stretch lace ruffles to the bum and neckline.

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