About me….

I have to admit it – I have a hyperactive brain. It never wants to just take a break and do nothing – the result is that I want to learn everything. Really, I am not joking, and to prove it I will list just a few of the things I have done in the 40 odd years of my very busy life….

Ballet – to Advanced RAD; ballroom and Latin American dancing; horse riding; fencing; archery; bricklaying – yes, I have a certificate to prove that I am a qualified bricklayer – and a multitude of projects to prove it, including garden walls, barbeques, carports etc, etc,; woodwork; plumbing; any DIY; embroidery; quilting; knitting; crochet; stained glass; cake decorating; dressmaking; tree felling; farm worker including ploughing and tractor riding (the best fun); watercolour painting; pottery; plus, plus, plus, plus, plus too many others to mention; and that is just for fun; I do actually have a day job as well…

As you can see, I have a bit of a dilemma – I have so many varied hobbies that I cannot contain them all (you should take a look at my craft room). I already have another blog – mnel.wordpress.com, or Bundu Bashing and other Wheelchair Adventures – take a look sometime. That blog was specifically created to write all of my adventures since I have been in a wheelchair, and if any of my ramblings, and sometimes rantings, help anyone, then I have achieved something.

The problem is that I have so much else to write about, that I decided a separate diary would be the answer – so here we are at the start of another writing adventure – why not join me?

By the by, in case you are wondering, I got this nickname many years ago when my hubby was telling someone about his wife that could do anything – a bit like a Swiss army knife!

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