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Posted by: michelenel | 27 August, 2018

Teach them young…..

Age 5 and handles the scissors rather well already.
Today my little granddaughter helped me cut out my baggy shorts.
This girl LOVES scissors!
Teach them young on things that don’t matter too much and build confidence.
Posted by: michelenel | 26 August, 2018

Donated plums…..

The first plums we’ve had donated this year and they are looking glorious in the copper pot.
This batch is destined to be strained into a jelly and then added to vodka to make a plum liqueur for next Christmas.
Smells and tastes heavenly too – I could just eat them cold like this with yoghurt for breakfast every morning! #heskethemporiumhandmade #handmadejam #handmadeplumjam #homemadeplumjam #homepreserving #donatedfruit #ifyoucanteatitallpreserveit

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