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Unicorn birthday crown…

What is the definition of procrastination?

When you have so many projects on your sewing list, but you decide to make a birthday crown for your 5-year-old granddaughter instead!

Shame on me, but it was so much fun!

This can be a no-sew crafty project that will make your unicorn obsessed little girl extremely happy.  I used only what I had in my craft room which makes this a great way to use up scraps.


Anything frilly, lacey, or glittery to use for the decorations.

I used tulle/net for the outside.

The crown is a piece of lace.

Scraps of ribbon for decoration.

A small piece of fabric or felt for the horn.

Ribbon to wrap around an aliceband and optional is batting strips around the aliceband for padding.

PVA glue or starch for stiffening the crown, or I used some clear gold glitter spray paint.

A piece of cardboard or plastic for the base.

Hot glue gun.

  1.  Make your lace crown the size you want and stitch the ends together into a ring/tube.
  2. Spray it or paint it with PVA glue and leave it on a round tin or plastic bottle to dry in the correct shape.
  3. Cut out a thick piece of cardboard or plastic for the base, the same size as the base of the crown.
  4. Cut a post box slot the width of the aliceband and about 10cm across.  This is where the aliceband will slot into and get glued in place.
  5. Gather or put pleats into the tulle and hot glue them around the base a little at a time until you have the frill completely attached.  Make sure to press the tulle onto the cardboard to get it well stuck down because it is very ‘holey’ and may not stay stuck otherwise.
  6. When the crown is dry, you can add a thick ring of glue around the bottom edge and carefully place it on top of the tulle ring.
  7. Fold a piece of fabric right sides together and stitch or glue one edge to form the horn.  If glueing then it will be right sides out.  Stuff it with wadding or paper so it forms a nice shape. Seal up the end so that it forms a flat round base for glueing it to the crown. Wrap some ribbon around the horn and glue it in place every twist.
  8. Decide which is the front of the crown and apply a generous amount of glue inside the base of the crown near the front of the crown and press the horn into place – leaning slightly forwards.  Hold it until the glue is dried and it stays standing.
  9. Decorate your crown however you like using the glue or stitching items in place if you prefer.
  10. When you are finished the decorating make sure it is dry before you attach the aliceband.
  11. Glue and wrap the aliceband with the wadding/batting and then with a layer of ribbon.
  12. Place the top of the aliceband into the groove you cut in the base.  It must only go into the crowns base a little to allow it to be secured. If you push it too far into the crown, it will not sit flat on top of the head.
  13. On the inside of the crown I added tons of hot glue across the aliceband that is visible and across the base.  Let this dry well before adding more glue onto the underside of the crown and across the band again.  I used a small stick to smooth and push the glue across the band and the base around it to neaten and make sure it was well adhered to the fabric of the aliceband.  Leave to dry completely and then test it is nice and secure.  If not, add some more hot glue around the aliceband.  If this is not working well, you can always add some tape on the inside.
  14. Make sure you are happy with your decorations and add more if your little one likes a LOT of bling.  Remove any bits of hot glue that have oozed out and don’t look neat, and also remove all those little spiderweb threads from the glue gun.

Sit back and admire your handiwork before giving it to your special little one.

Posted by: michelenel | 6 March, 2018

Baby it’s cold outside…..

Baby it’s cold outside, but the colours are warm inside 😁.
Blessed to be out of the cold and in a warm sewing room last week.
Making a mix between a blouse and a cardigan – is it a cardiblouse or a bloudigan? Whatever it is, it is hopefully perfect for spring – whenever that may be considering the -12 degrees Celsius today!
#sewityourself #heskethemporiumhandmade #ladiescardigan #ladiesblouse #makingitupasisewalong #makeyourownclothes
Posted by: michelenel | 5 March, 2018

What a debut she made….

What a debut she made at @tcclife yesterday!
Some people are blessed with gifts to help others, some to create, and some to inspire but this lovely lady @_chevon_t has such a beautiful spirit of wisdom and her words are a blessing to us.
Thank you so much for your teaching yesterday. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. #wiganchurch #thisishowwedochurch #blessedtobeablessing
Posted by: michelenel | 5 March, 2018

A break from the sewing machine…

Today’s craftiness was a break from the sewing machine to make soap and lotion.

1 goat milk and lemongrass which I am busy blending in the picture.

Another is a mock Savon de Marseille recipe made up from bits I’ve read on the internet.

Finally was a batch of ‘Stable Hand’ lotion for our equestrian daughter. The yard is very hard on the hands, especially in winter. She loves this very rich recipe I developed specially for her and her friends at the Broome Equestrian centre in Wales.

Thanks hubby for being my lovely assistant 😘 Now that is done I am ready to get back to Sewing some more clothing 😁 – a change is apparently as good as a holiday.

Posted by: michelenel | 16 February, 2018

Shame on you Amazon….

Shame on you Amazon – all my efforts at saving our plant with reusable wraps and bags and….. then you mess it up by sending me a thimble in a box like this! To make it worse, I received another thimble In a similar sized box yesterday.

I can recycle it, but seriously we should be reducing use and therefore manufacturing – so irresponsible!

@amazon #wp #sewityourself #irresponsiblepackaging

Posted by: michelenel | 15 February, 2018

A Shweshwe knitting bag….

A bit of cutting out for a knitting bag for our daughter; I am using this beautiful traditional 3 Kittens, double sided Shweshwe print fabric from South Africa.
I have been so stingy and reluctant to share my small stash as it is so special, but this is for my girl so I am making a sacrifice 😁.
Posted by: michelenel | 14 February, 2018

Reusable sandwich bags….

Another batch of reusable sandwich bags for the grandchildren. They love these and the older boy wanted some more neutral colours that weren’t too childish 😁.
Made with a cotton outer and a rip stop inner layer to keep the contents fresh.
I also made a few flat ones for wrapping up larger things.  These are also really great for snacks and biscuits as well.  I have made some beeswax wraps too, but these are rather precious because they are made with the beeswax from our own hives and we didn’t want them to go missing at school.
Saving our planet for this, and future generations – one piece of clingfilm and/or foil at a time.  Consider this – every child taking a packed lunch may use plastic or foil every school day of the year…how much is each family contributing to landfill?
Posted by: michelenel | 9 February, 2018

Testing, testing and practice, practice…

Testing, testing and practice, practice.

I have sewn up a pair of boxer briefs to give me a bit of practice with my coverlock. Far from perfect, but practice makes it so.


Pattern is a must try from the incredible @joostdecock over at @freesewing_org made to measure and downloadable patterns for men and women.

Fabric is all from the stash and purchased over the years from @abakhanfabrics


#sewityourself#sewyourownboxers#sewyourownunderwear#heskethemporiumhandmade#madetomeasuresewingpatterns#pfaffcoverlock4862 #pfaff4862


Posted by: michelenel | 8 February, 2018

Hello Phoebe and welcome …..

Hello Phoebe and welcome to Hesketh House’s Sewing room.


I am over the moon with my latest machine for coverlock stitching. Secondhand from eBay and she purrs beautifully. Took her for a test drive using this little piece of stretch fabric I got in a bundle from @fabric_styles. The little grandsons love it so I made it into a snood Thingy that goes round your neck and over your mouth and nose to protect you from the cold.

This is the first time I’ve ever used a coverlock so a bit of practice at the end of the rounds will be needed, but she sews very well already. I have a huge number of stretch and scuba projects lined up ready to test it out further. Although she is also an overlocker I won’t ever change her over because I have a dedicated overlocker and the pfaffing would drive me mad.

#Sewityourself#heskethemporiumhandmade#sewingwithstretchfabric#sewingwithscuba #sewingonacoverlock#boyssnood

Posted by: michelenel | 7 February, 2018

The insomniac, the seamstress and the upcycler….

The insomniac, the seamstress and the upcycler walk into a bar…. 🤣
If you’re a sewer you never have to worry about not sleeping because there is always something to be made at 4am. Today was a super quick upcycling project from the offcut of a pair of Ikea lace curtains that were too long. They even had the hem in the top still and I used this for the ribbon channel.
These took 5 minutes to make and will he used for the supermarket fruit, veg and bakery. Less paper and plastic to the landfill and if they don’t have what we need sold loose by weight, then I am going to empty them out of the packaging and leave it at the store for them to dispose of.
We have to make a stand to save our environment and this is my small soapbox. S.O.P. Save Our Planet.
#sewityourself #saveourplanet #SOP #veggiebags #upcycling #lacecurtainsintoshoppingbags #heskethemporiumhandmade #makeastandagainstwaste #reusableshoppingbags #reusablevegetablebags #reusablefruitbags #reusablebakerybags
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