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Made to Measure patterns…..

What’s so good about making a garment from a pattern that’s made just for you? It actually fits YOU! Perhaps it will help you make a better fitting garment, or a garment that doesn’t need you to make a couple of toiles. Whatever reason you choose to create a made to measure pattern for yourself, I believe it is definitely worth it.

Next you need to find somewhere that allows you to create a pattern where you input your measurements and create a pattern to your size. Luckily I have just the place for you……

I have been following the journey Joost has been on for quite a number of years and although I haven’t been in a financial position to become a patron, I try to support them with a coffee or a donation when I am able to.

You create ‘models’ of each person you are sewing for and once you have all their measurements input you are ready to download your made-to-measure pattern. I am also incredibly happy that they now offer A0 pdfs so that I can use my projector for cutting out.

Some of my favourite patterns that are on constant rotation are: The Simon shirt for hubby, the Florent cap and the Bruce boxers as well. Whenever I have made these for family they refuse to wear anything else so I know they are a winner.

Please support the team who do such an incredible job helping us sewing enthusiasts to create garments that fit well and therefore look amazing.

Happy New Sewing Year….

Let’s sew!

Posted by: michelenel | 26 November, 2022

Juki DX7 not selecting buttonholes

Posted by: michelenel | 11 November, 2022

Christmas stocking tutorial

Posted by: michelenel | 10 November, 2022

Make a Christmas Stocking

Posted by: michelenel | 20 October, 2022

Sew a reversible purse/pouch

Posted by: michelenel | 18 October, 2022

Reversible purse/pouch to sew

Posted by: michelenel | 18 October, 2022

Winding a bobbin on a vintage Brother sewing machine

Posted by: michelenel | 2 August, 2022

iPad Cover to Knitting Needle Cosy…..

I love a good recycling and up-cycling project.

I’ve had a previous generation iPad cover lying around for a while. I also had a knitting needle cosy on my to-do list for rather a long time and the two met by happy accident.

This was a make it up as you go along project and is still not completed as I have the bottom half of the cover to create specific pockets for my stoppers and other bits and pieces. I’ve left this for later to see what I need and how best to store it.

I tried to leave some ease in the fabric for the thickness of the needles but unfortunately this didn’t work out quite as I expected so some of the pockets are a little tight, but I do know the fabric will stretch over time.

The back pocket which is just a large open pocket behind the knitting needles is going to be where I store all of my different length cables. The long cables can be a bit of a pain because they have to be wound up so I intend making little cable tidies to hold them together.

All the fabric was already in my stash and therefore there was no need to buy anything for this project.

After just a few minutes I’m already totally in love with this new organisation project for my needles.

Happy sewing and crafting. 😁

Posted by: michelenel | 1 June, 2022

Setting the timing on an Elna Lotus SP

Posted by: michelenel | 28 May, 2022

Over door storage….

This may not excite all of you, but if you have a sewing room in need of organisation and tidying then this post is probably for you.

I picked this wire basket system up from Lidl last week and it hooks over the top and under the bottom of your door and then baskets and two rails fit in place.

I’m going to try it out for my ribbons and see how it goes rather than the rods that I had in place before.

It takes surprisingly large quantities to fill which is amazing. In addition the little square grey boxes from IKEA that were 50p fit perfectly inside the wire basket for very small items that may drop through. You could put a slot into the side of the box for your ribbons to stick through or just do what I’ve done for now which is have the ribbons over the top of the edge.

I’ve attached it to the outside of the sewing room door for now as this door is usually not closed. I will still check that the door can close and if not I will put it onto the back of the door instead.

I love this thing so much that I’m going to send hubby out to get another one for our pantry for tins and cans and another one for the sewing room for large cones of thread.

Seriously, anything that helps keep a sewing room tidy is worth it’s waiting gold.

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