Posted by: michelenel | 20 October, 2020

Viking Husqvarna 6020 Manual

I recently acquired a Viking Husqvarna 6020 sewing machine. I was lucky enough to have received all of the booklets and manual that it came with in the late 60s early 70s.

It may not be perfect but here is a copy of the manual which I have made into a PDF for anybody who has this machine and the manual is missing.


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing the manual! Got the same machine, but no manual till now.

    • I’m so glad it has helped. I get so annoyed when people try and charge you for a copy of a manual. Enjoy your lovely machine. 😊

  2. Thank you so much for this! Learnt on my Mum’s, which she eventually gifted me on my 21st (to her eternal regret, new machines never living up to this little beauty). Never got the manual and now at 50 my muscle-memory no longer has the answers – can’t even remember how to set zig zag properly!
    Your generosity with taking the time to post this has made my day, so very much appreciated!

    • Oh Cat, what a wonderful gift and so many memories with it. It is my pleasure to have helped. Enjoy your beautiful machine. 😁🥰

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