Posted by: michelenel | 31 May, 2020

Bernina Virtuosa 150 – 160 Manual

There is nothing more frustrating than when you get a new to you machine and the previous owners have misplaced the manual.  I have a LOT of machines and I spend so much time hunting down user manuals and I am so annoyed when the only ones I can find have to be paid for.  Seriously!  You’ve just scanned it people and now you want to charge for it!  I have therefore been on a mission to upload every manual I ever get and make it free to anyone that needs it.0f13b-64645623_120566165842888_1212221725426076981_n

Here is another manual for you to use and get the most from your machine.

This is for the Bernina Virtuosa 150 & 160 and Bernina Virtuosa 150 & 160 models.

I hope you learn to love you machines as much as I do.

Happy sewing.



  1. Thank you, thank you for the manual for the Bernina Virtuosa sewing machine. I couldn’t even find it at and then I saw your post. Now I can finally start using the previously owned machine I bought (at the sewing store and it still didn’t have the manual!).

    • That’s wonderful. I love being able to help people with free manuals because it cost me nothing to copy it and it really upsets me that some people charge for them. I hope you have an amazing sewing journey with your beautiful new machine. If you’re into sewing and things like that you can always follow me on Hesketh Emporium on Facebook or my Instagram account which is SwissArmywife. 😁

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