Posted by: michelenel | 4 April, 2019

Meet Miss-Sassy-Pants….

….in her new jacket.

Granddaughter, Miss M was given a denim jacket for her birthday and thanks to a mixed bag of goodies from the @abakhanfabrics sale I have given it a bit of wow with this sew on appliqué and sequin set of wings.

She is over the moon with it – and I want one too!

Posted by: michelenel | 4 April, 2019

Community Sewing Group Wigan….

I run a monthly community sewing group in Wigan.

It is such a blessing to have skills that I can pass onto others. This month was Lingerie which is always a hoot 😁🧵

Posted by: michelenel | 27 August, 2018

Teach them young…..

Age 5 and handles the scissors rather well already.
Today my little granddaughter helped me cut out my baggy shorts.
This girl LOVES scissors!
Teach them young on things that don’t matter too much and build confidence.
Posted by: michelenel | 26 August, 2018

Donated plums…..

The first plums we’ve had donated this year and they are looking glorious in the copper pot.
This batch is destined to be strained into a jelly and then added to vodka to make a plum liqueur for next Christmas.
Smells and tastes heavenly too – I could just eat them cold like this with yoghurt for breakfast every morning! #heskethemporiumhandmade #handmadejam #handmadeplumjam #homemadeplumjam #homepreserving #donatedfruit #ifyoucanteatitallpreserveit
Posted by: michelenel | 25 August, 2018

Homemade tomato sauce….

12 x 500ml bottles of Tomato sauce/ketchup made for under £5 yesterday.
It was the first time some of the grandchildren got involved and helped with the chopping.
This is a really wonderful recipe from @Kilner.  Ready for the labels which came with the bottles and Miss M has taken them home to decorate 😁 not even a bottle of sauce is safe from this little craftist!
Posted by: michelenel | 24 August, 2018

Being a sewing Ouma….

It’s such a blessing being a sewing Ouma, because when one of the grandsons arrives for a paddle without his swimming trunks, he simply selects the fabric and I rustle up a pair in 15 minutes 😁
Posted by: michelenel | 23 August, 2018

What should I call my handwash?

Has anyone else noticed the proliferation of bonkers names for handwash recently?
This one is particularly verbose.
As a tea-totaller should I be using this 🤣#handwashnames @postcodecoffeehouse
Posted by: michelenel | 22 August, 2018

This isn’t meringue! ….

 – although I wish it was! 😁. Hubby’s eczema salve goes such a lovely fluffy and white colour when it is beaten. Also made his Eczema lotion, hair detangler, room freshener, surface cleaner and a new test batch of deodorant lotion for myself. A very productive morning. #heskethemporiumhandmade #handmadebeautyproducts #handmadecleaningoroducts #handmadeeczemalotion #handmadeeczemasalve #handmadeproducts
Posted by: michelenel | 22 August, 2018

Can’t resist a coffee in the sunshine

Down at @theedgewigan and @postcodecoffeehouse for Good Yarn. Can’t resist a coffee in the sunshine before everyone arrives. 🌞 #goodyarnwigan #socialknittingwigan #makingthemostofthesunshine
Posted by: michelenel | 21 July, 2018

Handmade in July…..

Handmade is on Saturday from 9am to 12.30 pm.
A super cute project this week. I can’t wait to show you.
😁👍 peeps, please text if you’re coming or not – it only takes a second but really does help me enormously with planning.
Saturday at 9am in The Greenhouse. The Edge, Wigan, WN35AB.
£5 for all supplies and equipment and you’ll go home with a lovely project and learned some new sewing skills. 😘

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