Posted by: michelenel | 12 February, 2020

Sleeve covers needed….

I went for my morning coffee/exercise and as usual my sleeves are covered in mud from a quick wheel out. I get so annoyed when I have to keep washing all my clothing just for this! The problem is that this jacket is new to me and can’t just be washed so I will have to attempt a spot clean instead. have some makeshift covers for my arms from a pair of children’s tights but they aren’t in my handbag – next sewing project I think.

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Posted by: michelenel | 10 February, 2020

Two firsts in one day!

My second first of the day.
1st first was a trip by myself in my wheelchair to the local Costa coffee near my house along a never before used path 💪🏼😁. A treat of a flat white with coconut milk at the end and oh boy it was so worth it.
Then in my 2nd first, is this Christmas quilt for Project Linus in Wigan. So amazing that we are going to attempt to gift every child in the local hospital with a quilt on Christmas Day.
What a blessing to be a blessing to others. 💖💖
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Posted by: michelenel | 10 February, 2020

Community Sewing Group….

Twice a month I run a community sewing group at The Edge in Wigan.
Last month we did quilt-as-you-go and some ladies turned theirs into bags and some into mats.
I never get a chance to finish my project because I’m too busy helping and teaching but I eventually did this one today so that there is at least one less unfinished project or UFO in my sewing room.
I love our Handmade Sewing & Craft group so much.
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Posted by: michelenel | 10 February, 2020

Fabworks Online….

Thanks Fabworks Online for amazing service and beautiful fabric.
The black will be some new trousers for my slimmer me and the others are all going to be blouses/tops.
This will be my treat when I get to my goal weight. Really excited to make myself something when I normally sew just for others.
I am down from 225lbs to 164lbs and haven’t bought or made anything new in a very long time because I’m not wasting the clothes I have, so I simply keep adding elastic to the waist.
It is easier for me because I’m in a wheelchair and you don’t notice the way you would if I was standing and my pants fell off 🤣.
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Posted by: michelenel | 31 December, 2019

That’s a lot of lining paper….

Seven rolls of lining paper later and we finally have one final thin strip to paste up in the Poppy room 🎉.
This has been really tough going because of the terrible walls underneath but for the first time in probably 100 years we are down to the walls lime surface rather than simply adding another layer to it – I hope that doesn’t prove to be a mistake and the wood-chip paper was holding up the plaster! 🤪
Now we let it all dry, add some caulk to hide the joins and tomorrow we can put up the wallpaper.
The final job for New Year’s Eve is to put a couple of coats of paint on the ceiling because we do NOT want the red paint to drip onto the wallpaper.
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Posted by: michelenel | 29 December, 2019

The joys of decorating and restoring a grade 2 listed building….

One of the joys of decorating and restoring a grade 2 listed building are all the little surprises you find on the way.
Today our friend and decorator Toni has uncovered a message hidden under multiple layers of different paper and paint; so we now have the name of the culprit responsible for all  the woodchip which dominates all the walls in the house. Thank you Mr H.Entwistle for applying woodchip to every available flat surface of the entire house in August 1968!
#WhoInventedWoodchipAnyway #HeskethHouseRestoration #HeskethHouse #HeskethArmsRestoration #HeskethArmsStandish #RestoringA1700House #WP #HiddenMessagesInOurOldHouse #HeskethHouseRestoration
Posted by: michelenel | 27 September, 2019

A camping quilt…

I adore a quilt and felt that we needed one for camping and outdoors; one that was made from only scraps and fabric from the stash.

It needed to be really quick as I only had a week to complete it before we left for Germany. I decided on a scrappy quilt that would require minimal quilting.

All the backing squares were cut from brushed cotton – for softness and comfort. Wadding in between and the tops from heavier weight baby cord or similar fabrics. 9.5 inch squares with a quilted cross from corner to corner through all three layers and then all sewn together before finally snipping the seams to create a frilly/fluffy edging. The fluffiness will increase over time, washing and use.

I absolutely love it and it looks amazing in the tent. The added bonus is that I won’t have to be too concerned about it getting dragged around and well used – I hope!

Quilting success and a lovely warm holiday too.

Posted by: michelenel | 25 July, 2019

Happiness is….Finding Black Bees

I am so excited to see that one of our hives has a lot of new bees that appear to be native black bees. This means that we have black bees somewhere near us that have bred with one of our queens. The reason this is such good news, is that they nearly died out in the UK and a few apiaries around the UK are working very hard to get them back because they are better suited to our weather, are good honey producers but eat far less honey than the now common Italian bees.
You can see a mix of bees as the queen is not a native black bee herself and she can also be inseminated by multiple drones (male bees) on her mating flight.

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Posted by: michelenel | 25 July, 2019

Handmade sewing community group …..

Handmade sewing community group is next week on Thursday so we’ve been doing some preparation of what we will be making and I LOVE this fabric. Maryam’s done a great job sewing it together as a demo piece. They will make a wearable item and learn how to make a fabric tube, darts, bias tape and lace insertion. Anyone near the Wigan area is welcome to join us at @theedgewigan and @postcodecoffeehouse on Thursday 1st August, 9.45-1pm. Every 1st Thursday and 3rd Saturday of the month. £5 for all materials and equipment. #🧵❤️ #heskethemporium #heskethemporiumhandmade #handmadeinpostcode #handmadeinthegreenhouse #sewinginwigan #socialsewinggroup #sewinggroupsinwigan #sewityourself
Posted by: michelenel | 12 July, 2019

When on Keto ….

When on Keto some snacks are better than most – in this case biltong made in a beef jerky way in the dehydrator. Never tried this before but I’m sure it will still taste amazing. I’ve always made biltong at home but using a wire hook and air dry method but the dehydrator was incredibly simple to get started. I will report back when it is done tomorrow 👍. #heskethemporium #heskethhouse #makeyourownjerky #makeyourownbiltong #ketosnacks #sewityourself

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