Posted by: michelenel | 21 October, 2020

Bernina 707 Minimatic….

Beata is a beautiful 1967 Bernina 707 Minimatic sewing machine that has just been restored and ready to go to her new home.

It is such a wrench for me to sell any of the machines I buy because I really love each of them and all the time and love spent on them makes them even more special for me. I do however need to keep reminding myself that selling them helps to pay for new machines that will also eventually find a lovely home with someone new.

Beata is a Polish girls name that I chose for this lovely girl because of a Polish friend. Apart from glueing the damaged paper lining in the case and giving the carry case a clean she is ready for her new home with Kath.

With each machine I rehome, I include a few bits and pieces for the new owner. A little tin with thread, bobbins, needles, snips, pins, bobbin holders (foam toe seperators), tape measure and a seam ripper. I usually also add in a few bits of fabric so that they can have a sew and play around as soon as she arrives.

I tend to leave the machine threaded (where you can fit a spool inside the case) so that they can see straight away how to repeat the process for themselves. In addition, I am also trying to do a little video on my Youtube channel showing exactly how to thread the machine and wind and thread the bobbin.

Here is a link to the Bernina 707 Minimatic sewing machine manual.

How to thread your Bernina 707 Minimatic –

Meet Beata…..

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