Posted by: michelenel | 10 February, 2020

Fabworks Online….

Thanks Fabworks Online for amazing service and beautiful fabric.
The black will be some new trousers for my slimmer me and the others are all going to be blouses/tops.
This will be my treat when I get to my goal weight. Really excited to make myself something when I normally sew just for others.
I am down from 225lbs to 164lbs and haven’t bought or made anything new in a very long time because I’m not wasting the clothes I have, so I simply keep adding elastic to the waist.
It is easier for me because I’m in a wheelchair and you don’t notice the way you would if I was standing and my pants fell off 🤣.
@fabworksmillshop @HeskethEmporium #SewItYourself #HeskethEmporiumHandmade #MakeYourOwnClothes #NewClothesAfterWeightLoss #MyTreatForLosingWeight #ExcellentServiceFromFabWorksOnline #WP #healthierslimmerme #becomingahealthierwheelchairuser

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