Posted by: michelenel | 18 June, 2019

Sarah Beeny’s How to live mortgage free…

I seriously wish I had learned the lessons about mortgages much earlier in my life. If you’ve ever wondered or needed to have a reason to be debt free and mortgage free this is a brilliant show to inspire you. Sarah Beeny’s How to live mortgage free – it’s currently on Netflix and possibly elsewhere. I’m not saying that everyone should convert a double-decker bus into a home, but there are real life stories in there of people with three bedroomed houses that have become debt free in 10 years. Just imagine the freedom of not paying a mortgage every month. What would you do with that money and not having to worry about job security or being bankrupt if you lost your job for any reason. Seriously this is such a good programme to watch. #HeskethHouseRestoration #HeskethHouse #HeskethHouseEmporium #He’sGettingBoring #RestoringA1700House #WP #SewItYourself #LivingDebtfree#HeskethHouseRestoration #HeskethHouse #HeskethHouseEmporium #heskethemporium #RestoringA1700House #WP #SewitYourself #LivingDebtfree #LivingMortgageFree #LivingMortgageFree #sarahbeeny @sarah.beeny

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