Posted by: michelenel | 17 May, 2018

My version of Savon de Marseille….

The soaps I made in March are all packaged up and ready to be used.
A lavender colour soap that is a hot process recipe I made up to be a little like Savon de Marseille and a cold process Goat milk soap.
Wrapped in waxed paper rather than plastic and we can reuse the wrapping afterwards as well.
Soap making is such an amazing bit of kitchen science.  The hot process soap was a not very pleasant browny yellow colour and I want it to be green so I added some blue colouring thinking this would help make a nicer colour green.  Nope, it didn’t seem to do anything at all so I simply left it.  After a few weeks I noticed that it had started to change colour…mmmm, interesting!  So I turned them all over and left them a little longer.  Anyway, by the time it came to package them it was a glorious lavender colour 🙂  I adore this and am not sure if I will ever be able to recreate it.
The recipe I made also turned out to be a real winner with everyone that has used it.  This Savon is definitely going to become a regular make.

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