Posted by: michelenel | 8 February, 2018

Hello Phoebe and welcome …..

Hello Phoebe and welcome to Hesketh House’s Sewing room.


I am over the moon with my latest machine for coverlock stitching. Secondhand from eBay and she purrs beautifully. Took her for a test drive using this little piece of stretch fabric I got in a bundle from @fabric_styles. The little grandsons love it so I made it into a snood Thingy that goes round your neck and over your mouth and nose to protect you from the cold.

This is the first time I’ve ever used a coverlock so a bit of practice at the end of the rounds will be needed, but she sews very well already. I have a huge number of stretch and scuba projects lined up ready to test it out further. Although she is also an overlocker I won’t ever change her over because I have a dedicated overlocker and the pfaffing would drive me mad.

#Sewityourself#heskethemporiumhandmade#sewingwithstretchfabric#sewingwithscuba #sewingonacoverlock#boyssnood

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