Posted by: michelenel | 18 May, 2017

A model child…..

I don’t know many 4-year-olds who would put up with having a casting made of their body for a dressmakers dummy, but MissM was a model without a single complaint or grumble throughout the process of applying the plaster of Paris bandages, hair drying it for a few minutes and then having it cut off her.   What a relief as I have four flower-girl dresses to make for three this size and one 8-year-old and without having them to hand every day, it really does delay the process.


Hubby found it rather amusing that I had it all over – including my face 🙂

After cutting the mould up the centre back, I pasted on a few pieces of the bandage to re-seal it.  Now it has a coat hanger inserted to allow it to hang and dry over the next day or so.


Just look at that cute little belly….img_8206

I will probably put a layer of thin wadding over it followed by a tight lycra or stretch jersey sheath to allow pins to be inserted.  I already have a stand to place it on or it could simply remain hanging.

Now that the dummy is ready, I can begin designing the flower-girl dresses for the wedding in September.  Exciting times!


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