Posted by: michelenel | 12 May, 2017

A downsizing project….

When I showed hubby my latest project and told him it was an upcycle, he said it can’t be because it’s downsizing; so here’s my latest downsizing project. 😁

All I needed was a small piece of fabric in red for a heart shaped pincushion. I grabbed a dress I’d been given for the fabric and cut a piece out of the bottom of the skirt near the hem when it occurred to me that this would make a nice quick project to modify – I am far too easily distracted!

The dress was a UK size 14 and I thought I’d modify it for my granddaughter, Miss P who is eight years old. I had already cut off the sleeves for a different project so tidied the armholes up, separated the bodice from the skirt and then took in the side seams of the top. Fiddled a bit to remove the excess fabric on the princess seems along the bust and tip stitched them in place, then I re-inserted the skirt with some pleats to take in the fullness. Finally, sewed in the zip which I had only partially removed and seamed the hem. 

The biggest challenge was the armholes because they will definitely be too big but I thought it could be worn more as a tunic over a T-shirt or blouse. 

All in all it was a bit of fun which took less than an hour, and I think the results are quite pretty. 

One dress given a new lease of life and also one less garment going to landfill – a good result. 

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