Posted by: michelenel | 11 May, 2017

Bernina Nova 900 (yellow) and manual…..


What a wonderful little machine.  It is light compared to most bigger Bernina machines, but has their great stitch quality and everything a new or occassional sewer could need. This is my second Bernina Nova 900.  The previous one was £60 a few years ago as it was faulty but I quickly sorted it out and repaired it.  What a fabulous machine – so nice in fact that I really needed another – and one for spares.  I bought this yellow version from eBay way back in September 2014 for £65 and when my daughter collected it for me, the gentleman also gave her another Nova 900 in pieces for spares – amazing 🙂

This old girl has taken a LOT of cleaning and has the record in the sewing room of containing the most built in dust and fluff I have ever encountered on a machine.  I took the machine almost entirely apart and found that the bobbin winder rubber ring was completely perished and bits were coming off and lodging in the main drive belt which was a real problem.  I removed the remainder of it and shook the machine all directions until no more debris was dropping out.  I can now order a new ring and glue it in place so the winder will work again.  In the meantime this isn’t an issue because I have other machines and a bobbin winder that can be used.

Oh wow! as for the fly wheel.  How on earth did they manage to get this wound up with thread?  I am rather pleased I decided to take this one apart because who knows what damage might have been caused later on if it had been left.


Currently all the buttons and other removable bits are drying out after a good clean.  She is stitching beautifully and it is so wonderful to own a Red and a Yellow version.  Now I am on the hunt for the much rarer Green version too.

Feel free to download the manual here……BerninaNovaManual

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