Posted by: michelenel | 10 May, 2017

New Home model 344 by Janome and manual…..


Today’s addition to the sewing room is a brand that I have never owned before – A New Home.  This model number 344 is made by Janome and is sturdy and capable.  While cleaning her out, I noticed that the main drive belt was very brittle and crackling as it turned so I have ordered a new one to make sure it doesn’t fail during a lesson.  The stitches are good and after a thorough clean she is ready for sewing classes.

A friend of mine has a New Home and I was pleasantly surprised by the stitch quality and it was worth the £18.00 I paid on eBay for the it to use in our group classes.

I have struggled to find a free version of the manual for this machine but will keep trying.  When it becomes available I will update this post.

What incredible service from Wendy over at Janome.  I sent an online request for the manual only this morning and it has already arrived!

Feel free to download the manual here…… New Home 344


  1. The 344 is a nice little machine, reliable and easy to maintain .

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