Posted by: michelenel | 9 May, 2017

Singer Featherweight Plus Model 324 manual…..


This addition to the sewing room is a tiny little thing in comparison to the sturdy workhorses I usually buy – a Singer Featherweight Plus model 324.  It appealed to me because of its size and portability, and thought it would help a true beginner without intimidating them with tons of buttons and fancy gizmos.  It’s name is rather apt because it really is a featherweight, especially compared to its cousin the Singer 247 for example.

I purchased this on eBay from another Charity shop for the princely sum of £11.50.  She will have paid for herself after the first lesson at that price!

Feel free to download the manual here……Singer Featherweight 324 manual


  1. Thanks for sharing the manual. Dug out my little Singer after about 15 years but had lost the manual. Erica

  2. I’m trying to add thread to my bobbin and I was wondering if it is correct that the needle is moving up and down while the bobbin spool is on the top right of my machine. I clicked it to the right but the thread still does not spin on the bobbin.

    • Hello Mura, I think these little machines don’t have a needle release mechanism like the bigger machines do. In the instructions it tells you to keep your hands away from the needle which indicates to me that it probably does go up and down while the Bobbin is winding. These machines are really only for very small sewing jobs 😁🧵

      • Hi I’m having the same problem but the bobbin won’t spin how do you make it wind a bobbin?

      • Hello. I am sorry but I no longer have this machine to test it and show you but I am sure you should find a video on how to wind a bobbin. If you e tried this and it still doesn’t work the bobbin mechanism may be faulty. Good luck. 🧵

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