Posted by: michelenel | 8 May, 2017

Singer Zig Zag Model 247 manual…..

I have added a few machines to the sewing room recently.  The community group or Pod ‘Handmade’ is run in Postcode Coffee House, is to teach sewing and other crafts and is becoming extremely popular and I did not have enough machines to allow everyone to sew without waiting in a queue for a machine.  I had to ask some to bring their machines in with them, but I prefer using my own machines that I know how to thread and maintain in case anything goes wrong during the class.  I can also show the students the various beautiful older models that I suggest for them as a first (and in some cases their forever) sewing machine.  I definitely DO NOT recommend any of the cheap ones found nowadays in supermarkets because if you are going to learn to sew at least do so on a machine that will last and create great stitches for many more years to come.

First up was this little beauty; the Singer Zig Zag Model 247.  I purchased this from the Derian House warehouse charity shop near Chorley in Lancashire.  They do such amazing work for children with life threatening illness and as a hospice and it is wonderful to be able to support them and get such a gorgeous machine at the same time.  IMG_8073It didn’t take much cleaning because it was either little used or very well maintained, and in no time she was ready for her first class.  While I was at it, I scanned the manual because I know how frustrating it is looking for vintage sewing machine manuals online, and I absolutely cannot see why you should have to pay for them.

Feel free to download this one is you have this machine and need a manual……Singer ZigZag 247 manual

Isn’t she a beauty?  This is a really solid machine and will keep sewing for many years creating things in our group.


  1. thank you for letting me have the singer 247 maual. i will look at your ather
    items , i will reatern

  2. Thank you 🙏

  3. At the gas pumps. I see a box in the back of the truck at the other pump. “Is that a sewing machine ?” ” Yep. ” he says. I reply, “Ha, I play with them to keep me out of bars, lol” “It’s yours!” He says. .. 5 seconds later… It’s in my truck. Lol

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