Posted by: michelenel | 18 March, 2017

Scuba and lace….

I picked up the most gorgeous scuba material from Abakhan recently because I have never sewn with it before but I really like the look of it.  I wanted to make a few girls dresses with nice twirly skirts and today eventually got around to one of them for Miss M.

I didn’t want to use a pattern and having her with me made measuring and transferring the size onto the fabric was a simple process.  I started with the full circle skirt and then cut out 2 fronts and 2 backs to create a fully lined bodice with button up tabs on the shoulders.  I cut through the centre front of the bodice to add in an external lace zipper for a bit of fun.

The end result was so cute, but I felt that the scuba needed something along the hemline and I had just the right pink lace to finish it off and give a contrast between the two textures I was looking for.

Scuba is so much fun to sew because of the stretch, and this is one of the prettiest things apart from lingerie that I have made.  I LOVE lace….. 

The addition of the lace made this little madam go from saying it was nice, to “I’ll take off my birthday dress to try the new one”….

And the twirl factor is apparently a 10/10….

But then the request to pose for the camera had an altogether familiar result….. Please, please, if anyone has any advice on how they get beautiful pictures of their girls in new clothes, I really need to know how…..

The exposed lace zip was very popular with her and adds a bit of fun to the dress.  Not many small children’s clothes come with zips and certainly not on the front where they can zip into and out of them themselves…..

Now that I know how easy the no-pattern sewing can be, I will make one for the other beautiful granddaughter in my life.


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