Posted by: michelenel | 9 March, 2017

Handmade update 8…..

Today’s post is all about the little ones.

The current baby accessory coming out of Sweden seems to be baby cocoons/nests.  These allow baby to feel more enclosed and can be used in your bed or the baby’s cot or pram too. The biggest problem with them is the price tag and when I was asked if I could make some for a friend I knew it couldn’t be that difficult.  Well, it wasn’t difficult at all, just hard work.  The pattern was drafted from images I found online and made up as I went along.  It worked out really well and was a relatively easy make apart from the muscle power need to wrestle the stuffing into the sides…boy, did I get a work out!

Here is baby nest / cocoon number 1 in contrasting inner and outer fabric with two extra little sheets made to allow the base of the cocoon to be kept clean….


Cocoon number 2 was a joy to make because I love the colours so much.  The yellow hombre is divine and a happy find at my local Abakhan store in Bolton.  img_7243img_7244img_7250

For this one, I added 3 extra sheets out of the matching fabrics and backed them with terry towelling from a baby nappy for extra absorption….img_7251

Next on the list were a couple of pairs of much needed, and long awaited, pyjama bottoms for hubby….he is so patient!  These are a very simple self drafted pattern using the old tatty pair for sizing.  The blue pair were in fabric from my stash and leftover from a dress daughter2 made a couple of years ago.  Pair 2 were made using a beautiful 100% cotton, also from Abakhan and on sale at only £1.97 per meter…what’s not to love about that price!  The only problem is hubby is rather tall and needs 3 meters of fabric just for pj bottoms…ridiculous!  On the plus side, he is over the moon with them and I loved the fabric so much I went back and bought another 8 meters for future projects.  img_7290

Finally today we have a garment that is a real favourite…the fluffy, princess dressing gown for Miss M.  As much as she hated the dungarees, she makes up for it with her total love of this dressing gown.  So much so, that she wears it constantly and insisted that last Friday when she visited for the day, that it had to be a pyjama day – just so she could wear it all day!  A definite winner.  Made without a pattern and simply marked off on the fabric as I went along.  This is the softest snuggle fleece from my favourite place….Abakhan of course!  Edged in the green cotton from Oupa’s pj’s and a selection of coloured buttons…..img_7293

A matching dressing gown promptly followed for granddaughter number 1.  Miss P is equally happy with hers and because of the comfortable size this will fit her for a few years at least.  Miss Ps version is edged with fold over elastic and big orange buttons.

These were such a pleasure to have made because the girls love them so much…..img_7333








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