Posted by: michelenel | 7 March, 2017

Handmade update 6…..

If I keep posting a project or two each day, I may eventually get through the backlog! 🙂


You know you love a pattern when you are prepared to make not just one garment from it, but multiples.  Here is a prime example – another two Friday dresses from Petitapetitandfamily.  This is such a lovely pretty pattern which fits really well and has definitely delighted the 7-year-old and the (super fussy) 3-year-old granddaughter.

I bought a bag of fabric from someone, sight unseen, which can be risky, so when I opened it and found what were clearly fabrics meant for a Santa suit,  I thought it would sit on a shelf unused forever.  Not longer after I realised that the Friday dress would be perfect to turn this into a skater/winter/elf type dress for the girls for Christmas.

I used a different collar view for these and trimmed them with ribbon from the stash…..img_6980img_6994img_7014img_7018

What an adorable pair!  These cousins have such a wonderful bond and this is made all the sweeter when they love to wear matching outfits….img_7152-2img_7159

A few pyramid purses for the girls for Christmas.  Really quick and easy to make.  I used the tutorial from Crafty Gemini on YouTube…..


This Christmas we needed a new wreath.  I had seen a number of handmade wreaths like this using a pool noodle – well, I didn’t have a pool noodle, but I do have a rather interesting cellar with some unusual items in it.  In this case the pipe lagging or pipe insulation that was used to keep the beer cool on its way to the customer upstairs via the beer engine, so it found a new use – a wreath base (I am very, very partial to a bit of upcycling so two birds, one stone).

The wreath was supposed to be for the front door, but once it was made I loved it so much that I couldn’t bear to have it on the door where I couldn’t see it and where it may get lifted by someone who obviously loved it as much as I did, but didn’t necessarily have the skills to make their own!

Little Miss M was a huge part of the process and helped stick on all the baubles.  She has a very particular style which clashed on occasion with mine, but in the end we managed to agree on colour and layout and finish it off without finishing each other off 🙂


It looks so amazing hanging above the corner fireplace in the Assembly rooms.  I may need to make another one next year as well.  img_7076





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