Posted by: michelenel | 6 March, 2017

Handmade update 5…..

A few out of the ordinary items on today’s update.

What could possibly need me to bring out the big guns i.e. Addie the industrial Adler sewing machine?

Our Pastor sent me a cryptic message about a sewing challenge.  Ever quick to take the bait I asked for more details and a month later we had a refurbished coffee shop at Today’s Community Church in Wigan!

The request was for upholstered benches and other seating for the refurbished coffee house.  This was no ordinary upholstery, but rather upcycled jeans and shirts to create a rather unique look.  First we made the fabric from denim and added bits of the jeans and shirts to create a patchwork.  Add a bit of foam and cushions and you have…..



Every time hubby and other church members sit here they say “Hey, I recognise that shirt/tie/jeans!”


Next was a request from the Postcode Coffee House’s manageress for some aprons.  She had a particular vision and she left me to my own devices and interpretation.

All the hardware for rivets, studs, buttons and denim.  All made with a pattern I drafted and designed just for Postcode Coffee House……


Leather straps and accents using pieces of leather that were gifted to me a couple of years ago.  This made for a wonderful and unique apron for the team…img_6502img_6510img_6506

For the barista’s I wanted something that was hard wearing and easy to wipe clean.  Enter a sofa?????

Yes, a sofa, from Ikea.  These had been in the church for many years and were on their way to the big landfill in the sky,  but not before I got hubby to cut all the leather off them.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with all that leather, but inspiration struck and it became – barista aprons.  Rather fitting that the sofa’s that were in the coffee house pre refurbishment should land up as part of the new establishment 🙂

Add a bit of contrast leather for the accents and you have a very sturdy and handsome apron that will probably last a lifetime…..img_6518img_6519img_6521img_6523img_6532

Postcode Coffee House in Wigan welcomes you…..img_6534


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