Posted by: michelenel | 5 March, 2017

Handmade update 4…..

A few items on today’s update.  This first one was a request from a friend for a really big beanbag for resting her weary bones on 🙂

No pattern for this, just cut what looked like a good shape the full width of the Ikea fabric I had in the stash.  Rather different from the ones you see for sale.

Now all this needs is stuffing…..



Another Friday dress from Petitapetitandfamily.  This is such a gorgeous pattern and 7 year old granddaughter absolutely loved it when she arrived for Christmas.  This was made with a pretty baby cord that I bought a while ago at Leon’s in Manchester.  Trimmed with a black lace and big black buttons to create a smart winter dress.


And finally a very simple crochet project which started off as a square for a blanket but quickly got boring, so the only square I made was hastily turned into a teacosy instead…. img_6931

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