Posted by: michelenel | 26 October, 2016

The Princess of Pumpkins….

I am meant to be pattern testing the #isewfridaydresses for #petitapetitpatterns but was rudely interrupted by Miss Ms pleas for a pumpkin dress. She isn’t too choosey 😂but it needed to be a sparkly, jewelly, rainbow, striped, swishy, pretty, pink, princess and, and, and….!  Everything BUT a pumpkin 😂

A pile of tulle, some lining, a Lycra swimsuit under was cobbled together into a Princess Pumpkin with matching crown.  

She is ecstatic and may want to wear it to sleep in….sorry Mara’s mommy. 

On Friday we’re off to a pumpkin tea party at pre-school where no doubt she will be the envy of every other 3-year-old wannabe princess. 


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