Posted by: michelenel | 24 March, 2016

Meet Flossie the Spring Bunny….

A HUGE BIG thank you to the lovely people over at petiteapetiteandfamily for sharing this very cute pattern.  I have grandaughter2 for the day today and this was the perfect craft to keep her occupied and to use up some scraps.

I got up early – I couldn’t sleep anyway – and cut out the pieces and stitched what I could together…after all, there is only so much patience that a newly 3-year-old can muster and I didn’t want to make it too much of a long-winded project…just let her have lots of fun with a treat at the end.

The bit she enjoyed the most was the stuffing!   She was really good at it with her tiny little fingers pushing the stuffing into the small openings – I will have to get her to help when I next make a teddy bear.


After we had made the bodies we added the facial features and other shading.


I was really lazy and cheated by using some Sharpies!  Next it was onto the clothes;  each one is prettily dressed in a pair of bloomers and a contrasting tunic.

Here is Flossie…..

and here is Mama (obviously named for her mom which is really cute)…… 
Now to see if I can pry one of them away from her to give to another child….mmmm – wish me luck!




  1. Aw… 2 cuties there! 🙂

  2. Oh, so cute! Granddaughter and the bunnies!

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