Posted by: michelenel | 26 January, 2016

Twirly toddler swimsuit…..

Every Friday morning I head off to the local swimming pool for a parent & toddler swimming lesson……in our case it is grandparent & toddler….with granddaughter2. This is the only form of exercise I get and it is purely her enjoyment that drags me out each week!  In case you were wondering why it is such a big effort and a HUGE achievement, consider taking a toddler swimming on your own when you have no energy, constant pain, oh – and you’re in a wheelchair!  To be fair, it is getting easier as she gets older.  In the beginning she sort of did her own thing at breakneck speed and the usual 2-year-old enthusiasm for life.  She still has as much enthusiasm, but at least she is starting to understand the importance of waiting for Ouma, not running across the road, trying (desperately) to be patient, only playing with half of the controls in the car while I get my wheelchair out, waiting to get her swimsuit on etc. etc.  She still thinks it is hilarious to hide in a locker so I can’t find her, but mostly her giggles give her away….let’s just hope she doesn’t get herself locked in there one day!

Last week was a real challenge because we got into the baths, got undressed, started to get our swimming gear on, and only then realised that we were short one small swimsuit….AAARRRGGGHHH!  How did this happen? What were we to do?  GO HOME my brain was shouting, but I am stubborn, don’t give up easily and always push myself.  So we got dressed again, packed up our bags, wheeled back out to reception in search of a loan swimsuit.  No luck there, but they agreed to let her swim in her knickers…if she would agree that is.  Surprisingly she was more than happy and we headed back to repeat the whole exercise again.  By then I was more exhausted than usual, but floating in a warm pool was rather appealing and we have lunch at ‘chicken ‘n chips’ (her name for MacDs) to look forward to as well – our little ritual.

Now, the only reason any of this is of importance is because it made me realise that perhaps a spare cozzie was needed, so this morning I rummaged in my stash and found everything I needed and a basic pattern that I had used previously for her other swimsuit – a lightweight stretch spandex/lycra, a heavier weight lycra as a lining, fold over elastic and power mesh.

If you cut out this free pattern from the lovely and generous people over at smalldreamfactory, then like me, you can make any number of design changes and embellishments you fancy.  Being a girl who loves swirly dresses it was an easy modification to add a couple of rows of frills using power mesh from my lingerie stash.  The beauty about this material is that it gathers so easily using the basting function on my machine and it doesn’t fray at all.

A couple of hours well spent and there you have it – one new swimsuit ready for Friday…..


I may be biased, but this has got to be one of the cutest cozzies ever!  Hopefully it stands up to regular rough and tumble at the poolside!





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