Posted by: michelenel | 25 January, 2016

Minty goodness – a cure for restlessness….

Restlessness – it doesn’t sit comfortably with me!  After church yesterday I came home and spent a bit of time with the children and grandchildren and then went upstairs to sit a while with hubby who was poorly.  We watched a few woodworking classes on Craftsy and then Downton Abbey, but the entire time I felt fidgety.  After a bit I told hubby that I couldn’t stand it anymore and he, knowing me very well, suggested a spot of sewing – a perfect solution.

What to make?  And then I spotted a little pile of material that hadn’t been put away since before Christmas; included amongst this was a pretty stretch material that would be perfect for some lingerie.  In the now copious elastic stash was the perfect Fold Over Elastic, underwear elastic, and I even found some matching lace too…what a happy day!


I chose a wonderful pattern from Ohhhlulu for the camisole – 1351 Clara Camisole and a self drafted pattern for the knickers…..


An hour later and all was assembled into a bit of rather pretty minty goodness – delicious…..


Back onto my bed and I felt calm again….what a great tension reliever sewing can be.

This morning I was up and ready to finish off the set.  By 8am, after a quick sew, the knickers were done as well…..


An hour and a half very well spent indeed – and the best part is that I never had to buy a thing – stash-busting is SO satisfying! 😉  You see hubby, I am using up some of the materials I keep hauling into the sewing room.

If you are looking to make small and quick items then I would encourage you to get into lingerie making.  It may take a bit of practice with the stretch fabrics and the elastics, but believe me, you won’t regret it.

Tick – another set to add to the collection.




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