Posted by: michelenel | 21 November, 2015

It’s in the bag…..

You know those days when you roll into your sewing room and you have so many projects to do but you just can’t face them?  Well that’s what happened to me this morning, so instead of not doing anything at all I decided to do something really simple….a Mors bag.

The UK recently passed legislation that you have to use reusable shopping bags or pay for disposable ones; which I think is a fantastic idea anyway because for years I’ve been using handmade bags for shopping and now we have even greater incentive to make them.

Mors bags, if you don’t know about them, is an initiative started by a lady  in the south of England to help protect our sealife because of the damage that plastic bags thrown into the ocean is doing.  Take a look at their website …….to get some inspiration and also a really simple pattern for you to make your own bags – or start a group making bags to give away.

I’m lucky enough to live reasonably close to the factory where they print Liberty and other very well know soft furnishing materials like Sanderson.  They also sell what they call ‘fents’ – a northern term for remnants of material.  These remnants just happen to be the perfect size to make a Mors bag out of – so that was my little project for today.

Cut one rectangle for the body, another small rectangle for an optional pocket and too long narrow rectangles for the handles.  I don’t waste any material – it is only a shopping bag after all – and I even use the selvages for the handles.

This is such a fun, quick and easy project to do on those days when you don’t really have inspiration for much.

This one is now at the top of my favourite shopping bag list….

The website even has these lovely little labels you can buy to attach to your bags…a great way to raise awareness and show your support for the environment…..  


  1. What a fab idea, not sure what planet I’ve been on but I don’t remember seeing these before. 30 labels ordered, can’t wait to get going!! 😃

    • That is amazing! Well done, and I hope you find some lovely sewers to get involved with you too. 🙂 Let’s see some pictures of your bags please.

  2. Oh, and just wondered, where abouts up north is the Liberty remnant shop?? Might be near me! 😃

    • It is in Lancaster. We are in Wigan so it is only 45 minutes up the M6. The place is called Standfast and Barracks and it is AMAZING!! 🙂 If you aren’t too far why don’t we make arrangements to go together sometime?

      • I’ve just had a look, 90 minutes for me, but we’re having a week in settle and it’s only 45 minutes from there!! Yippee!! 😃

      • Sounds like an amazing – and definitely would be worthwhile – trip out for the day. Just check the website for shop opening times. 🙂

      • Just read your second bit, I didn’t finish your comment as I couldn’t wait to reach it on the map! Oops.
        I’m near junction 27 M62, just before Leeds near IKEA. Is there anyway else nearby, a good market? Would be good to make a day if it 😃

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