Posted by: michelenel | 22 August, 2015

The Sheffield snip…..

Having owned the same pair of Mundial shears for more than 25 years, I can definitely vouch for them; they have cut more material than most people cut out in a lifetime, but they are still going strong.  Some of this has to do with the fact that I hid them away from the rest of the family and promised death and destruction if anyone came near them with anything other than material – actually if anyone just came near them.  Buying good scissors taught me a very important lesson….it is definitely worth spending a little more on a really good pair of shears or scissors than constantly replacing the inferior quality ones.

I have been on the hunt for a good pair of scissors for lace and elastic for quite a long time now but eventually took the plunge and splurged on a truly decent pair from Ernest Wright and Son Limited in Sheffield, England.

These little beauties arrived in the mail today…less than 24 hours after placing my order as well!

The first pair is my new appliqué scissors which will be very useful for all the lace and elastic in making lingerie.  The second pair are rounded lace scissors and these little beauties will be very helpful for lace because they won’t snag – a real treat after struggling for years!


The only frustration?  Having to wait until later today to use them because we have other things to work on….namely, the camper van preparation for our test run next weekend…oh well, that will be worth the wait.

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