Posted by: michelenel | 14 August, 2015

Sewing gadgets…..

Most sewers have a few gadgets that they love and cannot sew without;  I have a few of those, but this is one that I really love, and it wasn’t even designed for sewing – not originally anyway – the surgical sponge holder – it makes the most amazing tube turner for those slightly wider pieces of work….

And here is one of my favourite jobs for it – turning bow ties….


A big thank you to the lovely person that retrieved this one from the hospital waste and immediately thought “I know exactly who will find some use for this”, and he was 100% correct.  Who knows what it got involved with in its past life, but I know that it has found a loving new home in Hesketh House Sewing Studio.

Now if only he could find me a couple of haemostats for assisting with pulling needles through tough fabric or leather.


  1. What a fab idea!! 😃

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