Posted by: michelenel | 9 August, 2015

The Refashioners 2015 ‘GetShirty’ challenge….

Over on they are very serious about refashioning and upcycling old garments and to prove this, they have a challenge for us creatives – turn a button down shirt into something new and useful – I love the idea.

Luckily for me I am already ahead of the game as I have previously refashioned a few shirts into other wearables – and they count towards the competition…whoop!

A few that I have previously blogged about and a few that I haven’t managed to post about yet, so I will mention them all now.

1 & 2 –  Kids long shorts from a promotional shirt which none of my menfolk would touch, but made the most wonderful kiddies shorts…on the blog here and here.  This was such a lot of fun and the results were so worthwhile.



3 – Then we have a bee suit – yes, you heard me right – a bee suit!  Hubby had one but my son didn’t and they are so expensive.  I had dozens of old work shirts of hubby’s and that was when inspiration struck – use the shirts and make one – and this is how….

  1. Take 2 shirts
  2. Cut off the cuffs and collar and fit them inside one another – double layer = double protection!
  3. Add velcro down the front along the button bar to make sure no little critters climb into the suit with you 🙂
  4. Add cuff extensions with elastication – no bees allowed.
  5. Add a thumb loop of elastic at the cuff to make sure your sleeve doesn’t ride up and expose your skin to any guard bees.
  6. Make a channel around the hem and add elastic – still no bees allowed.
  7. Add a few extra pockets to the outside – one useful one for beekeeping tools, and another little one to cover the company logo.
  8. Add a bee veil – also made by moi – and there you have it….2 shirts upcycled into a bee suit.

IMG_0399 IMG_0404 IMG_0401 IMG_0405

Pinning around the bee veil to ensure the velcro is sewn on in the correct place…..


4 – Bee suit number 2.  Hubby’s bee suit was way too small for him to move around and work in comfortably, so I inherited it and made a new one for him….from 2 shirts of course!  I followed much of the same process as the first bee suit, but instead inserted an open-ended zip along the button band, extended the hemline as he is very tall and the old suit kept creeping up past his belt and giving lovely soft skin access for adventurous bees….not a good idea to tempt them 🙂

Here is hubby sporting his new bee suit – and a newly designed and drafted bee veil which he really likes – in fact my son loves this bee veil even more than his own…..


Out doing a hive inspection together…..


Clowning around….


5.  Not falling within the same wearable category as other refashions, but nevertheless, this refashion does make use of shirts.  In this case a friend requested that I use her fathers shirts to make something for her as a keepsake, and this is what I came up with….

Meet Billy the Bear…made from trousers and a shirt, and including all the buttons, tags and labels….

IMG_0735 IMG_0729

and a cushion cover with another few pieces of clothing…..


It was such a lovely and heartwarming project to make for someone.

That’s it for now, but hopefully I will manage to create some other refashions for the end of September deadline.

I love the satisfaction I get from taking something that someone else has no further use for and turning it into a new and refreshed item that will go on to be enjoyed and not land up in a landfill somewhere.

Long live the Refashionista’s


  1. So clever! Thought it was funny the kids shirts with the lager logo!! And your bee suites are so creative! 😀

    • Ha ha. The shirts were men’s large sizes – how bad would that be if they put alcohol adverts on kids clothes? 😩 thank you so much, I love the bee suit refashion and even better that the boys absolutely love them – a resounding success 😊

  2. […] There are not enough superlatives to describe how awesome I think this is. I mean….a bee keeping outfit!!!! I absolutely did not see this one coming!! […]

    • Oh, you are so kind 🙂 These are not your regular outfits, thats for sure!! I must say that I really love my boys in their me-made bee suits – very unique and one of a kind for sure. I really, really love being able to repurpose things and hubby changed jobs and had more than a dozen blue and white shirts for me to play around with ….happy lady!

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