Posted by: michelenel | 31 July, 2015

How much clothing is too much clothing?

I was discussing with my daughter this week, a thought that I had about the quantity of items some bloggers we follow make.  I am not sure at what point you can make too many garments for yourself, but I do wonder that just because you have a blog, do you make clothing simply so that you can write about, and photograph it?  It isn’t possible to wear that many clothes unless you change at least five times a day; seriously – where would you keep it all!

Sustainability and the environment are things that some of us home sewers are very keen on, and is sewing in quantity similar to going out and buying lots of cheap imported clothing and throwing them away after a few wears? Surely we should be thinking about, and taking into consideration, the cost to the environment of buying fabrics and making lots of clothing that will get little use before being discarded for the next on-trend item.


For me, the solution is simple – make clothing for others who need it rather than adding to a wardrobe that in some cases must be bulging at the seams!  I am fortunate that I have always had a family to sew for and actually make very few items of clothing for myself – I LOVE sewing for others and it gives me such a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.

I am aware that my thoughts may not be appreciated by a few, but I do wonder if in some cases it has become more about quantity than quality – it’s a bit like a poster I once saw….


Just because you can make it, does that mean you should?


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