Posted by: michelenel | 27 July, 2015

All suited up but no weather to go!…..

Desperately seeking sunshine!  That’s my current frame of mind because the Great British summer seems to have made a very hasty retreat after only a week – a very weak attempt indeed.

With the promise of some lovely weather, a visit from all the family with the grandchildren and a cupboard full of lycra from the Abakhan Secret Sale, it was time to get sewing for my beautiful girls.

I headed off to the internet for a bit of inspiration and found it here at  This is a lovely free design that was probably just the right size for one of my girls and more importantly covered them up a little more and would protect them from the sun.

I printed and cut out the pattern for my 6-year-old but drafted a new pattern for the 2-year-old.  Using the beautiful pineapple lycra I got at the Abakhan sale was irresistible and the edges were bound in fold over elastic from a £1 bag of mixed elastics.  I made a few modifications on construction and within an hour these were completed…..and then inspiration struck….that 1 meter piece of leftover elastic and the swimming costume clasps became a little belt.  This turned a lovely little cozzie into a gorgeous vintage style flapper cozzie…..

IMG_0965    FullSizeRender

And here one of them is beautifully modelled by Miss P…..

IMG_0976   IMG_0967    IMG_0970

Thank you Rebecca for the lovely pattern and inspiration!  Now, can you do anything about sending some Florida sunshine our way please?


  1. The pattern is so adorable! And the finished product looks very cute ^^

    • Thank you so much. I love it and am about to start stitching another one in a different material in case she is true to her word and wears it every single day of the summer! 😂

      • I wear it too haha!
        Keep it up^^

  2. These are adorable! Love the pineapple print. I’m so glad you liked the pattern! The belt is such a cute addition-love it!:)

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