Posted by: michelenel | 18 July, 2015

Let the washing commence…..

Well, what a day!

We set off at 7am to make sure we got to the Abakhan Secret Sale in plenty of time…who wants to be at the back of a queue when there is so much material and other sewing related paraphernalia to be had at rock bottom prices

Sadly we were not holders of the scarce, and much sought after, golden ticket which gave early access and crowd-free shopping for an hour before the hoards descended, but despite this we seemed to manage rather well!  I have enough fabric to pre-wash for 4 loads – that may not seem like a lot to you, but bear in mind that I have one of those super-duper 12kg washing machines and you can see my point….and here is the evidence of some of our haul….DSCN6108   DSCN6109DSCN6111   DSCN6114DSCN6110

An amazing day in which we came away with a LOT of what we needed and some of what we simply wanted 🙂  Luckily for me we have a rather large car…a Mercedes Vito van to be more accurate…ostensibly for my wheelchair, but when it comes to the BIG shop, very handy indeed because no-one had to be left behind.

A HUGE BIG shout out to my daughter for doing all the diving, delving and dangerous stuff to lay her hands on all the gorgeous goodies; to my long-suffering hubby for his patience and good spirits – he did mention that he found the whole process rather amusing, and the mad sewing people a lot of fun to watch 🙂 and finally to all the wonderful staff and helpers at Abakhan for all their hard work and help throughout the day – every one of them had a smile and a willingness to help that was such a pleasure to experience – thank you!

In hubby’s own words “I have NEVER had to take a roll-cage to a till in my life before”!!!

Let the sewing commence….after the washing anyway…and a good rest!


  1. Your haul looking very exciting! Major fabric shopping envy taking place at the wrong side of the M62! Other plans stopped me making the journey…… 😕

    • Oh no! Save for next time 😄

  2. Holy moly, that’s a lot of fabric! What fun you’re going to have!!

    • Rather ridiculous some might say, but these things are necessary to create things of beauty – right? 😄

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