Posted by: michelenel | 23 June, 2015

A much needed clean-up….

After having spent three years just dumping stuff willy-nilly into the sewing room, it was quickly becoming apparent that something serious had to be done to improve the clutter and chaos.

It is a brave person that agrees to help me with this rather daunting task and my hubby is definitely brave…how do I know? because it takes HUGE amounts of bravery to tackle all the mad projects that get thrown at him and picked up with such grace and kindness!  My HERO!!

It has only taken THREE WEEKS! Yes, you heard correctly…it needed that long because there is only so much moving, folding, stacking, cleaning and other sewing related stuff that one can cope with in any given day.  The boys helped with emptying out the majority of the room and then placing the furniture in its new locations – that took 2 days and the rest of the 3 weeks is how long it took me to fold fabric – well, probably 2 1/2 weeks of this time anyway!

The results are very pleasing and much tidier…without having had to throw anything away (except real junk anyway!).

Here are a few sneaky peeks at some of it….


Lovely folded fabric in neat piles and in drawers. Boxes filled with scraps and other bits ‘n bobs.

IMG_0879 IMG_0877

Beautiful old wooden cotton reels displayed (eventually) on the walls, and a few UFOs used to adorn the space 🙂


Hubby installed an up cycled chandelier for me and then I got him to tie the beautiful lace bobbins that were gifted to me by a lovely friend. I am going to add some other sewing related items as I find them.

IMG_3833 IMG_3836

…and that wonderful hubby of mine made me a little shelf for all my antique sewing tools to be on display and within easy reach for when they are needed….with a few spaces left for new additions in the future (hint, hint).


My wonderful Pfaff is in a glorious location under a window where every little ray of sunshine is captured and enjoyed.

It is far from finished but we have the layout right and over the next few years we will slowly try to paint and decorate around all the sewing activity that goes on here; and my happy place is now a MUCH happier place 🙂

Let the sewing recommence.   

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