Posted by: michelenel | 1 June, 2015

Emergency heat bag….

You know that moment you try to find something that has been hanging around for months, but now you actually need it, you can’t find it?

Well, that’s what happened last night when I was desperate to heat up my feet (stupid nerves, can’t tell warm from cold) but that darn microwave heat bag couldn’t be found for love nor money!

I was that desperate, I made one. 

Take a small scrap of soft flannelette material and stitch it almost closed to make a square or rectangle.

Turn it the right side out.

Fill with rice or barley – we had barley so in that went. 

Stitch closed without squishing any barley….I included a ribbon loop for hanging. 

Hand to hubby to place in the microwave for 1 minute.

Wrap feet in blankie, place heated bag on top….

Aaahhhh – heavenly relief!

Hang up and re-use  – if you can find it!

Super quick and easy – in fact, it took hubby longer to find the barley than for me to cut and make the bag!  And the beauty of it is that while my brain was occupied, it had something else to concentrate on other than cold. 


  1. Oooh you’re so speedy, ma! Love this (although I still have my trusty ladybird heatbag so I won’t be making one any time soon! Bet you didn’t know what a great investment that was oh, 20 years ago!!)

    • They have been money very well spent! We still have the green one at home as well….obviously hiding somewhere at the moment 😀

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