Posted by: michelenel | 23 May, 2015

The monkey bar skirt….

Thank you to the lovely folks over at Crafterhour who provided the free pattern for my latest make for one of our gorgeous granddaughters.  This little girl is absolutely NOT a fan of any shorts or trousers but she does love to romp around in the playground, so when I spotted this I realised that we may be able to convert her….by stealth!  What could be better for her than a skirt on the outside with cunningly disguised shorts on the underside?

This pattern was so easy to make…..


A quick trip to Abakhan to pick up a few meters of stretch material where I fell in love with this stretch lightweight denim.  You only need stretch for the shorts and waistband, but this was so pretty I decided to make the entire garment in it.


How cute are these when they are made up?  The only change I have made to the pattern is the insertion of buttonhole elastic; this little girl is a real string-bean and without the elastic everything creeps south!IMG_0850

I really do hope she loves them as much as I do.

Happy climbing, swinging, running and jumping.




  1. Oh she DOES! They’re absolutely wonderful- perfect for our little cycling addict! And the roses are just lovely xxx

    • Brilliant. I am so glad she likes them. Try and get a photo of her in one cycling and I will show her cousins how it is done! 😄

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