Posted by: michelenel | 23 May, 2015

Tailored shirt and trousers…..

It has taken a while to finish hubby’s latest outfit but I eventually got there by doing a little at a time.  My sewing habits, like all my other activities, have had to be modified since my injury; it hasn’t been easy and sometimes I am better at coping than others – after all, I used to be able to go into my sewing space and not reappear until a fully formed garment accompanied me.

Hubby’s wardrobe did not include a single garment in brown!  This had to be remedied and I started by making him the first pair of wife-made tailored trousers he has ever owned!  Shocking that I have been sewing for the family for 35 years but this is the first time I have made him trousers.

It took one toile to get the sizing just right and it was definitely worth the effort because they fit beautifully and even he admits that they are one of the most comfortable pairs he owns – a real achievement.

The trousers were made with Kwiksew 3267 and the shirt is McCalls M0644…..


The trousers were followed by a brown pin-striped shirt…with the odd flash of Liberty material on the collar, collar stand and cuffs.

DSCN5859 DSCN5860

…and a little triangle of Liberty to remind me that this isn’t just a boring old striped shirt….DSCN5864 DSCN5865 DSCN5870 DSCN5872 DSCN5873

Now that I have the fitting just right, and more importantly, hubby is happy with the style and comfort, I can make a start on the next pair of trousers and accompanying shirt….I have so many amazing Liberty prints to choose from and ideas for how to add a little pizzazz to an otherwise standard work shirt….”nothing too bold” I can hear him say 🙂


  1. So smart and well fitting. Would you recommend the shirt pattern? Specifically the instructions because it’d be the first shirt I’ve ever sewn.

    • Hi Emma, thank you. The pattern is fine but like most regular sheet instructions, it could be confusing in a few places…like the hidden seams in the yoke and the packets on the sleeves. You could find good tutorials online to help, but I highly recommend the course..Pam is an incredible teacher and you will learn how to do all sorts of things really professionally! I am going to make my hubby a casual more western style shirt next. 😊

      • Thanks for the Craftsy course recommendation – at the moment I believe I’d need some hand holding for the collar, yolk and cuffs but who knows what new techniques await me.

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