Posted by: michelenel | 18 May, 2015

Thank You Thread Theory…..

After this many years of sewing and buying patterns, you would think the novelty and excitement of a new pattern would have worn off….well, you would be entirely wrong!

Today my sewing patterns arrived from Thread Theory in Canada.  Now I know that I could have purchased them from the UK…here, but I wanted to see it directly from the source…and it was worth it. 🙂

Beautiful postal packaging…. (with a coaster which is very exciting when you own an old pub/inn)IMG_0835

I love the fact that they have gone for a more manly looking pattern outer to suit the styles and the growing number of male sewers out there (including my son).  These remind me of an old office I used to work in where the binders and folders were all manilla brown and closed with these strings and tabs…perfect…. IMG_0836

The sleeves are really beautifully designed with clear instructions, line drawings, notions and requirements….IMG_0837

and oh my, that first peek inside the flap does not disappoint….IMG_0838

One of my personal favourites…the garment label which is included…. IMG_0839 IMG_0840

The instructions come in the form of a little booklet rather than those dreadful big sheets of paper you are constantly having to fold and unfold throughout your project…and boy, trying to find a spot for them when you have a small sewing space is painful (I resort to sticking them to the wallpaper with a pin!); this is much neater and easier….IMG_0841 IMG_0844

And at the heart of the package is your paper pattern – I love the little added images…IMG_0842

And finally, images of the other items in the collection with your pattern highlighted….IMG_0843

These are so good-looking that when you are finished it will be easy to return all the pieces to the sleeve and it will look really good on a bookshelf or hung up as a bit of art on the sewing room wall.

Thank you Thread Theory for making such a beautiful product and taking some of the boring bits and replacing them with a real design icon.

One happy sewer 🙂



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