Posted by: michelenel | 13 May, 2015

The thing with Liberty and me….

…. Is that I find it irresistible. This isn’t a problem I am alone in, but some of you may be able to curb your need to indulge by the mere cost or distance from an outlet. In my case, cost and distance are no longer as much of a problem as they were, because the Liberty printing works just happens to be on hubby’s route to one of his new offices in Lancaster – disaster or not?

This week he needed to travel to Lancaster to pick up something and in a first, we asked him to swing past and see what Liberty prints were on sale. 

Now, let’s be clear, my hubby is wonderful, amazing, and incredible, but 

a) he knows nothing about sewing and material and 

b) he is totally colour-blind! A potentially disastrous combination!

However, we had a plan….hubby rang us on FaceTime and showed us all the beautiful prints and we firstly sorted and graded them according to preference, and then reviewed our choices and re-sorted them according to required quantities….all on FaceTime!  


A thing of beauty! 

Thank you hubby for your gracious acceptance of all the mad things we ask you to do…and without a quibble ….you are the berries 😍♥️♥️

…and I love you more than Liberty! 😄


  1. What a wonderful husband! Bs what a treat for you to have easy access to Liberty fabrics. I understand the appeal of Liberty but I’m not fond of florals and I hoard instead of cutting into expensive fabrics so I can’t justify buying much of it.

    • Emma, they do some more modern geometric designs that my daughter loves. Isn’t it funny how we hang onto the expensive stuff and really have to think long and hard about what to make with it and hover tentatively before the first cut! 🙂

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