Posted by: michelenel | 7 May, 2015

Another workroom in progress….

This workroom is the more physical counterpart to my sewing workroom upstairs, so I think it had better be referred to as the workshop instead – more appropriate for this space don’t you think?

It has only taken us 4 years of frustration at not having a space to restore and work on the house and other timber projects to get ourselves sorted out!  I got to that “get it done now, or I will go mad” stage this week.

We bought a secondhand shed more than a year ago – it’s purpose was to store everything that wasn’t needed in the woodworking shop and thereby free up space to actually work in. We have lousy, and unpredictable weather in Lancashire for doing any woodwork outdoors on a consistent basis, especially if we ever want to finish restoring the dozens of windows and others pieces around the house.

This project was therefore more of a necessity than a nice-to-have and although it meant taking up a precious bank holiday weekend (a 3 day weekend in the UK) we needed to just do it.

Hubby and some wonderful helpers built the shed ready for the weekend and we began by moving everything out of the workshop – or to give it its proper designation for the last 100 years, the Gents toilet!  I am serious, this was the gents toilet block built onto the inn back in 1900 – with all mod cons like flushing water, toilets and urinals…..

Here hubby is removing the urinals and exposing the stone and brick walls for the first time since some unknown builder constructed them 100+ years ago – what an incredible thought….


These are Edwardian urinals and solid 4 inch slabs of ceramic that were built specifically for this space – they are large and very heavy.

IMG_3720 IMG_3721 IMG_3722

Once the urinals had all been removed, we cleaned up a little and added tool boxes to the walls with French cleats….

IMG_3733 IMG_3735 IMG_3737 IMG_3738
Anyone with a beady eye will also notice our rather unusual and interesting paint effect…graffiti…all thanks to the youths that vandalised the place before we moved in.

Now we can move into our little workshop and begin making…stuff.

Mmmm…whatever do we do with the urinals that are stacked in the garden?

Make a garden feature of course!  😂

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