Posted by: michelenel | 6 May, 2015

That’s the buttons sorted…..

All I needed was 10 matching buttons for hubby’s latest tailored shirt, but what was to follow was me snapping!  I have a little button collection – only three or four large clip-top bottles!  The problem is that when you need a couple of matching buttons, you have to tip out hundreds of buttons on the ironing board and sift, sift, sift!

Once you start, you feel obliged to look through all of them in case you find others you prefer, and despite many, many times saying that I would make matching sets as I go, this hadn’t happened yet. Well, today was the day (or two) it would get done – eventually.

I made the decision early on that I would sort by colour, with the odd extra bags for glass, coat buttons and extra-large buttons and buckles.  Once this major piece was finished I could then more easily tackle the matching buttons piece of work – at leisure, and in the future.

At the end I have a few bottles, a few bags and odds and ends of fasteners, hooks and eyes and other bits ‘n bobs. Everything is now separated until I have enough matching bottles for the display shelf – I rather like the idea of bottles of coloured buttons serving a decorative purpose even before they are added to a garment 😄

IMG_3678 IMG_3679 IMG_3680 IMG_3675

And as for this little tin, I guess it was gifted to me by someone who knitted back in the seventies – look at that orange spectrum!


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