Posted by: michelenel | 27 April, 2015

My next project…..

Last week I travelled 2 hours to Anglesey with a friend to collect something she had purchased on eBay, and on the way back decided to make a slight detour for a bit of fabric recreation.

Abakhan in Mostyn was a little out of our way but it was definitely worth the extra effort and miles!

I came away with a few lovely pieces of fabric and other bits ‘n bobs….

A piece of foam for the top of an ottoman we are making out of one of our old pub tables,

Zips, buttons, poppers, needles and scissors,

3m of soft floaty fabric for daughter one to make into a new garment – or two (she is tiny),

3 x 3m of trouser fabric for hubby – one piece will probably be for smart summer shorts,

3m of orange/mustard corduroy for our son to make into another pair of Jedidiah trousers – see them at Thread Theory,

3/4 meter of two different upholstery weight fabric for a special project that has been on my mind recently…

DSCF1828 DSCF1830

Now that hubby’s tailored shirt is done, I can get started on a ‘ME’ project….I am not a self-sewer because most of what I make is for others – I never realised that until recently when someone mentioned that they only sew for themselves and when I thought about it realised that I hardly ever sew anything for myself; but I LOVE it and wouldn’t change it!


  1. I love that you’re not a selfish sewer! You give so much to other sewing people and it’s totally wonderful. But I’m excited that you’re doing a you project… just trying to think what it might be!

    • I love it too, but thank you for the appreciation 😄. Just spent the day helping a friend make a cover for her new rocker and a patchwork quilt – beautiful.

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