Posted by: michelenel | 25 April, 2015

My ironing clapper is a beauty…..

I promised an update on the clappers progress…so here it is….

In a bid to avoid other much bigger jobs around the restoration project, hubby was easily convinced that it was time to finish my clapper – after all he had already made the off-cut into a lovely clapper for our eldest.

Once we had conferred and agreed the shape he disappeared into the workshop for the next few hours.

I thought he had been sucked into the vacuum system he was gone so long, but when he finally emerged he presented me with this…..


…a thing of beauty AND practicality!  I love it SO much and it was immediately put to use on his tailored shirt.

Thank you hubby for turning a boring old bit of window cill into a thing of beauty and sentimentality; I will smile and think of you every time I use it 🙂


  1. Ooh yes! It really is gorgeous! Lucky us!!!!

    • I know! Mr Swissarmywife does however stress that it isn’t finished yet and it needs a bit of tweaking – none of this prevents us from using it every day though 😄

      • Ha! His own worst critic! Meanwhile we all love it!

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