Posted by: michelenel | 19 April, 2015

Hello Billy Bear…..

Here he is – Billy the Bear – all done and ready to leave for his new home…..



Billy is made from a pair of Chino’s as the main body fabric with a striped shirt to add contrast all round.







Every bear I make has my signature embroidered bee somewhere on the body…this time just below Billy’s ear.




I cut out and used all the buttons, tags and labels to adorn him with.  On his left arm is the pocket from the shirt -restitched to allow a little memento to be inserted.  He looks rather handsome in his bowtie too – the first bear with a bowtie rather than a big ribbon bow.




One of my personal favourites is the zip from the trousers.  I used it on the back rather than just stitching a back seam but I glued it closed so it couldn’t be accidentally opened and release poor Billy’s stuffing!  You can never be too careful with grandchildren running around 🙂



He is beautiful and full of love and meaning for a special someone to remember her special Dad.


  1. Oh he is beautiful! Love the zip- you still have a special touch when it comes to making heirloom bears! Love it.

    • Thank you so much 😊 it is a very special process.

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