Posted by: michelenel | 17 April, 2015

Snap goes the pin cushion…..

Years ago I had a pincushion for my wrist…you know the awful cheap red plastic one with the tiny pincushion and the plastic wrist strap that digs into your skin?  I soon got sick of it because it was so uncomfortable and have settled for 3 or 4 other tabletop versions which are always handy when I need them….most of the time anyway!  The problem is when I am doing a fitting on someone, the pincushions always seem to be just a little bit out of reach and as a wheelchair sewer I am always endangering my models toes when I wheel off for the pincushion.  I also have three adult children that sew with me on occasion, and whenever they are in the sewing room with me the pincushions go AWOL…probably something they picked up as children and haven’t forgotten :-).

I therefore had to rethink the whole ‘loathe the wrist pincushion’ issue, and as so often happens, inspiration struck in the middle of the night when I should have been sleeping.  This was probably triggered by a message someone posted on social media regarding the apparent dangers of a particular snap bracelet that was on sale over Christmas.  Now, if you don’t have small children then you may be wondering what on earth a snap bracelet is….well, they can be thin strips of metal or plastic and have a gentle curve, like a metal tape measure, to give it rigidity; the difference is that when you bend them they roll up…or round the wrist.  Sheer genius….here was a product that would be perfect for my little wrist pincushion project.

I no longer have small children in the house and didn’t have any snap bracelets lying around, but I managed to buy 10 for under £2 on the internet and when I started on hubbies latest tailored shirt I wanted to be ready for the fitting.

An hour later, having used a couple of scraps of fabric – 7 circles for leaves; 1 rectangle for the bracelet, a little pile of wadding and a smidgen of hot glue – this is the marvellous result…..

IMG_0715 IMG_0717IMG_0716


…and in action…



I can absolutely, honestly say that it is brilliant!  It is comfortable (no squeezing here! and it is adjustable to any wrist size) and usable and it was so satisfying producing something that is so much fun – and in such a short time.

This is a wonderful little project to teach my sewing group…after all which sewer doesn’t need a little portable pincushion in their lives?




When next I make these, I will take some pictures and write a tutorial too.

Happy pinning everyone 🙂



  1. Oh very nice! Practical AND stylish! I’ve been wanting to make one with a silk flower- you replace the middle with a pincushion and stick it to a slap bracelet!

    • Oohh, sounds like a great idea and very pretty indeed! I have a few snap bracelets here for you to share 😄

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