Posted by: michelenel | 12 April, 2015

Bearly there…..

I haven’t made one of these for a very long time and had so much fun with it…… 

Someone we know asked me if I could make her a commemorative bear for her Dad who had died recently and although this isn’t something I do very often for people outside our family, on this occassion it was for a very special need. I put a lot of myself into every bear I make and all but a few are within the family to mark special events and I find it hard to part with these special little fellas to anyone unless I know it will find a very loving home….it may sound sentimental and silly, but that’s just me 😊

I was given a few items of clothing and when I looked through them an image of how “Billy” should look started to form in my mind. An afternoon of snipping, patching and stitching and we are almost fully assembled and waiting for stuffing.  

He is already showing his lovely personality and I can’t wait to finish him off when his joints arrive. 

Final poses and pictures to follow….

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