Posted by: michelenel | 3 April, 2015

Cill to Clapper….

You should know by now that I will try to repurpose just about anything!

It is in my nature to make and use things for purposes that the manufacturer never intended or dreamed of.  With a bit of imagination and determination, there is so much potential for creating things from items most people throw away….NOT ME!

My latest little upcycling project involves a discarded item from the house restoration.  I bet the joiner never in a million years thought that little off-cut from the window restoration would be so handy in the sewing room….and nothing to do with windows!

I have wanted a clapper for the ironing board for a very long time; in fact, I have a design and pattern on my computer waiting for a date and time to make one.  When our window restoration man finished restoring the sash windows in the Assembly rooms, he left a little pile of rubbish for the skip, and that is when I spotted this…..

If you have never had old windows, or anything to do with old houses, then you may not recognise this.  It is in fact an off-cut from a window cill. This is the bit of wood (or plastic in most modern houses) that sticks out from the house below your windows; it catches and moves water away from the house – hence the slope on one side.  Luckily for me, these are cut from hardwood – exactly what you need for a good ironing clapper.

I haven’t been able to wait for it to be cut and shaped properly and have been using it as-is until hubby can afford to take some time away from the much more important restoration jobs around the house – which are MANY, so I might have to wait a while.  However, in the meantime it works incredibly well and I cannot believe it has taken this long for me to get hold of something to use as a clapper!  Honestly, this is a real marvel and has revolutionised my sewing – seams are impeccable, crisp and stay in!

Who knew that a window cill would be so useful in a sewing room 🙂

Once it has been modified, I will post some new pictures so you can see where my vision is going on this one.

Truly thinking outside the box!!


  1. Oooh that is an excellent piece of kit! I love a well-pressed seam after applying the clapper (mine is a wooden rolling pin…)

    • There certainly is a quiet satisfaction in a well pressed seam 😊Ooh, nice! I love an object that can serve a dual purpose – great space saving technique too!

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