Posted by: michelenel | 1 April, 2015

Fun with Welts…..

After a very extensive, but necessary, break from sewing, my shoulder is slowly mending and I am using some light sewing as a form of physiotherapy.  I am not sure how a physiotherapist would view this unique exercise regime, but for a sewer, it seems to be good exercise to practice what you need to use the muscles for; therefore, starting off slowly and small, I have begun to build up my sewing muscles!   Did you not know you had sewing muscles?  Wait until you stop sewing for a while and see how those arms and shoulders complain – then you will know what they are 🙂

Today I decided to have fun with welt pockets. FUN! I hear you…some very loudly….”what on earth can be fun about a welt pocket”?  I used to be slightly intimidated by welt pockets; but NO MORE!  If you buy the course – One Pattern, Many Looks: Pants by Kathy Ruddy, if you learn just this one thing from her, then your money has been well spent!  If you enjoy making trousers and waistcoats, or anything with pockets and welts, then the technique she uses is such a huge time and worry saver.

After seeing how she creates a welt pocket, I got a bit excited (and carried away) designing a few different styles of my own…..


Some of them still need refining, but considering they were very quick and easy to make I’d say this was a roaring success and definitely fun!  All but the Post box welt are properly functioning pockets with a pocket bag too.

Now, dare I add a row of decorative welt pockets onto a waistcoat for hubby?



  1. Love this…! Great job on the welts!

    • Thank you, it was great fun to do different ones from the norm – I have plans for them 😄

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