Posted by: michelenel | 26 February, 2015

The ice bucket tragedy….

It took me months to find an ice bucket I loved and could also afford.  There were some amazing ones that I really, really would have loved, but as they were designer vintage they were a bit too rich for my blood; like this one….

$_57 (1)

and this one…..

$_57 (2)

Being on a very tight budget, I managed to find one I really liked but was within easier financial reach, so I got this one….


I think it was a very nice compromise because it is vintage, beautiful and insulated – I cannot see the point of an ice bucket that isn’t insulated because surely the ice would melt in no time?

I was SO happy when it arrived beautifully packaged by the seller – seriously, she couldn’t have done any more to secure the parcel, but it was in vain because when we picked it up it made an ominous tinkling sound – and my heart sank!

On finally getting all the packaging off, it was apparent that the glass insulated lining was in a million little pieces – probably from being thrown into the back of the couriers van – grrrr!  I was upset; to say the least; it had survived decades, taken so long to find just the right one and now it was ruined.  The wonderful seller refunded me in full and told me not to bother returning it – after all, it is vintage and you can’t find spares for it so it was unsaleable.

Never one to just give up – not without a fight anyway, I had a little think and realised it may be salvageable – with a bit of thought; here is what I came up with….


1 cleaned out ice bucket,

1 Pyrex glass mixing bowl (used from the kitchen drawer) spray painted on the outside (we only had gold, but any colour would have been fine for me),

1 small quantity of polystyrene balls (stolen from the grandchildren’s beanbag)

1 disposable plastic yoghurt tub with the base cut off (this was to reduce it to the correct height for the bowl to rest on)

1 packet of silver Sugru – seriously, if you haven’t used this stuff yet….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

+ a LOT of mess (those balls either stick to you or are repelled by you!)  and a bit of patience for moulding!

I didn’t have to go out and buy a single thing for this little restoration project – always a happy event 🙂


I placed the yoghurt tub in the bottom of the ice bucket, filled the ice bucket with a few handfuls of polystyrene balls, jiggled the bowl around until it rested just along the rim of the ice bucket.


Rolled out the Sugru into thin sausages and pressed them around the rim of the bowl.  Spent ages smoothing the sausage flat and smooth (as best I was able anyway).

IMG_0639 IMG_0640

Checked to see that the lid fitted back without damaging the Sugru.

Left to cure for 24 hours.

Et Voila!!! One restored ice bucket which would otherwise have been useless, and probably thrown away by most people.

IMG_0642 IMG_0644 IMG_0643

I am very happy that I managed to save this vintage ice bucket and now it has a new story to tell.  That gold paint turned out rather well in the end.

Now, where is my son with that fruit cocktail….ching ching everyone 🙂


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