Posted by: michelenel | 14 February, 2015

Marlborough and me……

I bought my beautiful daughters each a bra making class on for Christmas.  I wanted to also get them a pattern and after reading some wonderful reviews decided on the Marlborough from Orange-Lingerie.  This bra can be made with or without underwires which if great for providing you more options.

Being a consummate upcycler and generally thrifty individual, I didn’t want to waste good lingerie fabric on a toile; after all, many of the people on the Craftsy class and pattern review mentioned that you may need to make two or three toiles to get the perfect fit; this may seem extreme, but it is definitely worth the effort to have a garment that is comfortable and beautifully fitted.  I therefore resorted to social media and my friends to get unwanted bras to take apart and use for the toiles.  Wow, what a response I got – my sewing room now has a rather large bag full of bras ready to be unpicked and upcycled.

For trial number 1 I used calico – not ideal because it doesn’t have the correct stretch properties you need for lingerie, but I was more interested in making sure I got a very basic fit before trial number 2.  I also used the elastics, straps and hooks from one of my upcycled donations, and here it is…..

IMG_3537 IMG_3539 IMG_3542

…this isn’t going to, and was never meant to, win any beauty awards, but it has served its purpose very well – I was able to use it to make pattern adjustments ready for trial 2.

I have marked off and adjusted all the pieces as well as made some additional notes on the pattern pieces to assist anyone else with putting the correct pieces together more easily.

Another plus point is that I have sewn one from beginning to end and can help guide the girls when they start theirs in the next week or so.

I am very excited to move onto the next trial using some stretch fabrics and see if my pattern adjustments are correct.  How is it possible that I forgot how much I loved making lingerie?  It has been donkeys years since I made all those pretty teddies and underwear  – not to mention, more than I care to divulge, how many increases in dress size!

You’ve got to love working with all those small pieces after making hubbies XL tailored shirts 🙂


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